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Let's Collab!

Want to name a collection after yourself or someone you know? 

Feel like you can't ever find a clothing collection that represents you? Know someone who would LOVE to have a collection named after them? If the answer is yes to either of the above - we’ve got you covered!

The Modamado team will name an entire collection after you or that special someone you want to gift one to. The entire collection will be curated based on your (or their) style, favorite colors, themes, etc.

All you have to do is email us at shopmodamado@yahoo.com with the subject My Collection and we will follow-up with further instructions! 


Instagrammers Unite! 

If you are an influencer and would like to collab with us - email us at shopmodamado@yahoo.com with the subject Modamado Mob and we will follow-up with further instructions!